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↓Commonwealth is a Progressive American restaurant located in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District. Executive Chef Jason Fox showcases first rate ingredients, incorporating modern techniques and diverse culinary approaches. Commonwealth donates a portion of each month’s revenue to local non-profits.


Lead Staff

Jason Fox

Ian Muntzert

Adam Wren
General Manager

Sarah Snyder
Wine Director


progressive american cuisine

Commonwealth offers one of the best dining experiences in the Bay Area. Executive Chef Jason Fox’s progressive Californian cuisine harmoniously combines flavor palettes from around the world, and a broad range of techniques to create food that is refined, distinctive and satisfying. Fox creates harmonious, layered dishes rather than focusing on any single ingredient or mode of preparation.

Commonwealth is named after the early modern concept of organizing for the common good. Sales from each tasting menu is donated to local charities—a way to indulge conscientiously. We are proud to give back to the community, and also hope to inspire other businesses to adopt a charitable model.