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$100 > $165 with wine pairings

geoduck clam, chilled pea and mint soup, radishes, meyer lemon, fresh wasabi  //   Domaine du Pavé Tressallier > ’17 Loire, France

smoked trout glazed in verjus, trout roe, cabbage, potato mousse, horseradish   //  C.V.N.E Monopole Clásico Blanco Seco > '15 Rioja, Spain

asparagus, walnut and sunflower butter, smoked flatbread, rooftop herbs  //  Franz Gojer Weissburgunder > ’16 Alto Adige, Italy

beet tartare, blood orange, yogurt, wild greens, crispy wild rice, beet chips // Karl Haidle Lemberger > '16 Württemberg, Germany

lamb shoulder grilled over redwood, sprouting grain porridge, wheatgrass, spring alliums  //  Antoine Sunier Régnié > ’16 Beaujolais, France

celery sorbet, verjus soda

burnt honey ice cream, matcha meringue, chocolate tuile  //  Fontanel Rivesaltes Ambré > ’07 Roussillon, France 

Chef’s Extended Tasting Menu
$140 > $230 with wine pairings

Participation is required by the entire table
Part of the proceeds from April 2019 are donated to the Center on Race, Poverty, & the Environment