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$85 > $140 with wine pairings

squid noodles, spring peas, chicken skin, radish, finger lime, mint and pea consomme  //  Shirataki Nama Ginjo  >  Niigata, Japan 

crispy oysters, creamed nettles, sorrel, coastal succulents, frozen horseradish mousse  //  Vale da Capucha 'Fossil'  > '16 Lisboa, Portugal

asparagus, walnut puree, smoked beef flatbread, rooftop herbs  //  Castel Noarna Nosiola  >  ’15 Dolomites, Italy

artichokes, burnt lemon, brioche, black truffle, shaved parmesan, wild greens  //  Heidi Schröck Biscaya  >  '17 Burgenland, Austria

lamb cheeks, spring alliums, purple barley, barbecued date butter, wild fennel, green garlic jus  //  Domaine Rimbert 'Le Mas au Schiste'  >  '16 Berlou, Languedoc

celery sorbet, verjus soda

burnt honey ice cream, matcha meringue, chocolate tuile  //  Angelo Negro Birbèt >  Roero, Italy

Participation is required by the entire table
Part of the proceeds from May 2018 will be donated to Zero Foodprint