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$90 > $150 with wine pairings

smoked trout glazed in fermented juices, cucumber, tapioca, dill, sake lees cream  //   Dewazakura 'Oka' > Yamagata, Japan 

scallop, corn pudding, trumpet mushroom, savoy cabbage, chive, seaweed butter   //  Bêtes Curieuses Muscadet  >  '10  Loire, France

green beans, walnut puree, smoked beef flatbread, rooftop herbs  //  Kabaj Tokai Friulano ‘Ravan’ > ’14 Brda, Slovenia

charred stone fruit, nasturtium sorbet, celery, yellow squash, sunflower seed pesto, wild fennel  //  Marisa Cuomo Rosato  >  ’16 Campania, Italy

duck, cherry molasses, turnips, pistachio, cauliflower cream, licorice root  //  Domaine Mee Godard Gamay  >  ’16 Morgon, France

celery sorbet, verjus soda

burnt honey ice cream, matcha meringue, chocolate tuile  //  Angelo Negro Birbèt > Roero, Italy


Chef’s Extended Tasting Menu
$125 > $200 with wine pairings

Participation is required by the entire table
Part of the proceeds from September 2018 will be donated to Innovation Law Lab