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beet tartare, blood orange, yogurt, wild greens, crispy wild rice, beet chips   16
 carrots roasted over hay, salted date ice cream, kumquat, sesame seed, cilantro, nettle puree   17
striped mackerel crudo, green almonds, avocado, green strawberry leche de tigre  21
sea urchin, squid noodles, chrysanthemum, spring garlic custard, sea beans   22

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asparagus poached in their own juices, brandade tuile, cured egg yolk, herbs  19
sunchokes, brussel sprouts, parsley pesto, yuzu, brown butter, yuba, nutritional yeast  18
shrimp mousse, sweetbreads cooked in beeswax, popcorn purée, yuzu kosho milk, pea tendrils   21
crispy maitake mushroom, ramps, spring peas, madeira-burnt onion gel, dill, chicken fat    24

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sablefish, baby fennel and leeks, hazelnuts, chickpeas, shellfish and achiote broth  23
young hen, artichoke, fava bean, romanesco, eucalyptus and pistachio   23
grilled beef tongue, potato, grilled lettuces, malted onion puree, anchovy cream    23