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crushed fava beans, cauliflower, shaved turnip, sumac, caramelized yogurt, radish green ice  15
asparagus, buttermilk sorbet, wheatgrass, smoked buckwheat, cured egg yolk  17
amberjack crudo, sesame, pickled mushrooms, szechuan vinaigrette, rooftop herbs  18
sea urchin, chilled beet custard, smoked bone marrow cream, nasturtium, yuzu kosho 19

- -

charred gem lettuce and broccoli, cured beef, avocado, sunflower seed, anchovy emulsion  18
artichokes, nettles, olive tapenade, potato mousse, meyer lemon , cheddar tuile  18
lettuce wrapped shrimp mousse, sweetbreads, pea tendrils, chervil, wild watercress velouté  19
morels, white miso custard, ramps, peas, nori paper, fermented fiddleheads, brown butter19

- -

poached sablefish, clams, celery root, black chickpeas, squid ink butter sauce  21
young hen, carrot, sprouted grains, chicory, parsley, preserved lemon, shellfish jus  21
pork belly, blood pudding, green strawberries, snap peas, onion soubise, horseradish  20