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shaved apple, hazelnut milk custard, kohlrabi, red mustard, tarragon, ginger ice   15
roasted carrots, smoked tofu, black garlic, sunflower seed butter, lime, dill, sumac   17
scallop, salt baked celery root, spiced bread crumbs, dill, chilled celery broth   19
sea urchin, squid noodles, egg yolk jam, squash, squid ink tuile, nori, yuzu, shiso   20

- -

savoy cabbage, seaweed butter, smoked mussels, celtuce, nasturtium, cured egg yolk   18
grilled pumpkin, brussels sprouts, raisin & caper puree, dukkah, shaved chestnut   18
shrimp mousse, sweetbreads cooked in beeswax, popcorn purée, yuzu kosho milk, pea tendrils   20
pine smoked chanterelles, crispy and pureed potatoes, radishes, foie gras sauce   21

- -

sablefish, cauliflower, kelp paste, castelfranco radicchio, nettles, fennel, lemon sabayon   21
young hen, parsnip, vanilla, sprouted rye porridge, celery, parsley, truffle emulsion   22
pork shoulder, quince, preserved lemon, grilled little gems, turnips, anchovy cream   22