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charred stone fruit, nasturtium sorbet, celery, yellow squash, sunflower pesto, wild fennel   16
 zucchini, roasted corn, smoked yogurt, basil, barley, crispy squash blossom   17
albacore crudo, melon, harissa, sea beans, crispy rice, nori, licorice herb gel  20
sea urchin, cherry tomato, trout roe, pickled okra seeds, egg custard, watermelon dashi  21

- -

scallion spaetzle, slow cooked egg, radish, pork crackling, preserved lemon cream   19
barbecued chewy beets, fresh curds, cucumber, puffed quinoa, sorrel, smoked hay oil   18
shrimp mousse, sweetbreads cooked in beeswax, popcorn purée, yuzu kosho milk, pea tendrils   21
hen of the woods mushrooms, fava beans, horseradish soubise, agnolotti, brown butter, spinach    22

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steamed sablefish, smoked mussels, avocado, romano beans, elderflower, squid ink tuile   23
young hen, eggplant, tomato terrine, pepper jus, crispy potato tuile, purslane  23
pork grilled over seaweed, sprouted grains, brassicas, fennel, preserved blackberry syrup   23